Our Current Studies

We are excited to announce that we have begun welcoming families back into the lab! We now have a combination of online and in-person games for children of a variety of ages to participate in.

How does an online study work?

We currently use Zoom to conduct our online studies. We find that Zoom is easy to download and very user-friendly!
In our current studies, we read a story out-loud to children as they follow along with on-screen characters. We then ask children questions about the story to see what they think!

How does a study at the lab work?

Our lab is located in Berkeley at 2121 Berkeley Way West. For in-lab studies, we invite parents to come meet us at our building and have their children participate in a hands-on research game with us. We love to see how children explore and interact with the games we have prepared for them.

Why should my child participate?

Most children really enjoy participating in our research studies! We know that this is a hectic time for many people and participating in these kinds of games offers a new activity for children to engage with. It is great opportunity for your child to have fun, while contributing to the advancement of science.

Interested in signing up? You can do so here:

Or send us an email at


Research Assistants

The Social Origins Lab typically accepts new research assistants at the beginning of each semester, dependent on lab needs and capacity. All levels of experience are encouraged to apply!

Our lab explores how social and cognitive abilities arise and interact with one another in human development and across species and cultures. In doing so, our research studies in Berkeley primarily involve working with children of various age ranges.  Responsibilities for research assistants include running online studies with young children, helping to recruit participants, collecting and coding video data, and assisting with administrative tasks. We are in the process of transitioning to in-person research. Research activities will likely be a hybrid of in-person and remote work, though research assistants should be able to travel to our research sites. Minimum expected time commitment is 9hrs/wk.

We have opportunities available through URAP, Work Study, and Psych 199!