7 ways to combat fatigue

Constant fatigue knocks out people from the rut. Many, during such a state, it is difficult to focus, torments weakness, headache, irritability, nausea, voltage. You can cope with this problem with conventional methods, there is nothing difficult in this. First of all, you need to analyze your lifestyle, the state of your health.

1. Day of the day. Sleep adult should be 7-8 hours. If a long time does not go to bed on time, then fatigue is provided.

2. Active lifestyle, fresh air. In many cases, fatigue appears from a shortage of oxygen in brain cells. This often happens in a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Before beding, evening walk is very descended, and throughout the day you need to regularly ventilate the room. In the morning you always need to pay at least 15 minutes of charging it will give cheerfulness and energy.

3. In our body there is a hormone called Serotonin, which is responsible for the mood, metabolic processes in the body. His drawback also leads to chronic fatigue. You can increase it using motor movements, charging. That is why the program needs to include exercises for neck and back.

4. Permanent bad habits. If a person smokes when she is nervous, then he again and again stretches to the cigarette it as a vicious circle. Nicotine is harmful to vessels, heart, easy. The body does not like when we are fighting with him. Alcoholic beverages lead to vessels spasm, and this is the cause of headaches.

5. Saturated nutrition. Each person should be eating at no less than 5 times a day and include 2 snacks. It is necessary to include fish, vegetables, cottage cheese, apples in the diet. You need to drink on the day more than 2 liters of water.

6. Vitamins. Vitamins need to maintain the body always, especially these periods like winter and spring. Vitamins include walnuts, kuraga, lemons. This will help well strengthen the vessels and support the work of the heart. You can also drink a complex of minerals, consulting with your doctor. Good help bran. Pour two glasses of water 1 tbsp. l. Bran of rye or ordinary to slaughter their 30 minutes, after which add a spoonful of honey. Eat every morning 3 - 4 times on the floor of a spoon. Bran is very useful for the body they have a lot of vitamins.

7. Herbs. With fatigue, the use of viper, with different herbs, will help. Well strengthens immunity hawthorn, hops, ginseng. Before bedtime, it will be useful to drink sedative tea with mint, Melissa, Valerian - this will help you sleep well.

To prevent fatigue, you need to be in the mood, optimistic. It is necessary to adjust sleep mode, power, movement. If all these items adhere to, then the fatigue is like a hand! There are many sites on the Internet, but https://casinoreg.net provides inexperienced players with the most detailed casino FAQ