"Big Game" 2014

The story of how two absolutely different fates can cross in one moment. The president and the usual boy who will have to become a man faced in the forest. It seems - this is an incredible story, but if you look into the plot a little earlier, then everything becomes clear. The president, who does not know about anything, flies on an airplane, accompanied by security security. However, quite suddenly the presidents will lead to a special capsule that was on the aircraft, and lock it in it. After that, it is discharged from the side, and the parachutes in the capsule are revealed. This capsule is designed to locate and evacuate in the event of a president's accident. The thing is that if the president does not locate there, then after an emergency landing of the aircraft can be found and killed. Even animals can kill it. Therefore, such security measures were adopted. But something is wrong with this emergency crash. It feels like it specially attached. Well, who could adjust this wreck, except the terrorists ...

The president fell in his capsule into the forest, and there he still decided to leave imprisonment and go out. Completely by chance he rushes on a bowl with a bow in his hands. And this is despite the fact that on the yard on the 21st century! But how the boy got there, this is another story. Among some tribe living in a deaf village, there is a custom to send young mans into the forest from the onions so that they produce the animal and returned home with him. Deer it will be or wolf - it does not matter, the main thing is that the prey has been more or less serious.

In case of success, the guy is officially recognized in the village of a man, as it is able to perform the functions of the minior and survive in wildlife alone. And here is a male, who has a regular wooden bow in his hands, goes on the forest in search of mining, and here he is suddenly the president's capsule lands from the sky, about which the guy knows nothing. He is wary of it, well, after the release of the president, he gets to the Supreme Commander of the United States from there. From this point on, their adventures begin. These two heroes move along the forest together, speak in the evening by the bone and so on. One need to get game, to another to find the path to civilization.

At this time, the Presidential Security Service Mightwall scans the locality to the emergency signal from the capsule, and after the forest begins to read the forest. But finally, the details of the accident and its causes are clarifying. It turns out that the president betrayed one of his people for the sake of the assassination attempt on the head of state. After all, it is impossible to just come to Washington and send to the other world of the president. Therefore, decided to arrange a catastrophe while flying over the wilderness, and then - to find and kill the president. So now the guy is hunting to game, and terrorists hunt president, and at the same time and the Malts will shoot. Heroes need to be rally and try to survive in the wild world of people. Boni und Preisbelohnungen sollten separat geschrieben werden, da sie Spieler an bestimmte Spielautomaten locken. https://slotmachinesonline.info/de/ Wenn sich keine Slots im Slot befinden und nur Gewinne berücksichtigt werden, wenn die Symbole entlang der Linien übereinstimmen, wird ein solches Gerät aufgrund der Monotonie der gespielten Szenarien schnell langweilig.