What you need to know about the tetanus?

A columnar chopstick falling into the human body causes the development of such a disease as a tetanus. The wand is able to penetrate our body through a damaged mucous membrane or skin. The disease causes enormous harm to the nervous system, develops generalized convulsions and tonic stresses of skeletal muscles.

What you need to know about the tetanus stick?

We are talking about a bacterium that has great resistance to the effects of the external environment. Her disputes are able to live in the ground and carry extremely low temperatures. The pathogens of the disease fall into the ground with feces of sick birds, animals, man. The tetanus wand can "overtake" you, if you kindness, get a burn, disperse a mosquito bite - the reasons for the appearance can be a lot.

Unfortunately, this nature microorganisms are not afraid of disinfectant or antiseptic drugs. Only they fall into a wet and warm medium, they begin to reproduce actively and produce toxins, and dangerous and poisonous for living beings. Note that a person does not have immunity to such microorganisms. In particular, if we are talking about children.

Symptoms of manifestation of tetanus

The disease can develop for different times - from several days and to a month. In order to determine it, you do not need a medical examination. As a rule, the beginning of the tetanus has an acute form. The patient is experiencing general weakness, he has a headache. In addition, in the area of ​​injury, there is a twitching and tension of muscles. Key symptom - pulling pain in the wound, even if it has already been delayed.

There are several signs that are characteristic only for this disease:

- violation of the swallowing function;

- The patient's face acquires a sore-evil expression (a sardonic smile). Open mouth mouth is very difficult;

- convulsive compressing chewing muscles.

A severe form of the disease brings a huge flour to the patient. Muscles cannot relax, the head convulsively throws out, the breath is frequent and superficial. Causes, breathing problems and other manifestations of tetanus can cause patient's death.

With the easiest course of the disease, people are experiencing infrequent cramps, a couple of times a day. In order to fully recover after the tetanus, even a strong and adult person will need no less than two or three months. The treatment itself is also long. How not to hesitate in their choice, I tell you, after all, when around so many online casinos of course choose one hard enough because all attracts you, there's a good bonus, there is a great stock, somewhere a huge number of games and what if I tell you that golden-reels-casino.com all of this in one place? Also just instant payouts, awesome jackpots and great administration that will help you solve any of your questions or problems, come on right now and start playing.