Interior Design

By creating projects of houses, cottages and other objects, as well as performing repair and finishing of apartments, we comply with the design time specified in the contract. Only after the harmonization of each stage, you pay our work. During the work, our designer is always ready to answer questions. You can contact us at any convenient time, even on holidays and on weekends. To compile and signing the documentation, we can drive up to your home or office.

We offer for you non-standard solutions. For example, we provide an opportunity to look at the future result at an unusual angle, pulling the wall in 3D models so that you can explore the interior of the apartment diagonally.

Based on the tasks and specific conditions, we work on the design of the apartments in such a way that the maximum useful elements will be fitted in them, even if it is not easy. For example, we can offer you within the framework of the interior design of apartments several options for combining recreation areas and entertainment with the workplace.

Your project is developed taking into account the planned budget.

In relation to the choice of materials and the complexity of tasks, you are absolutely free - we are not trying to sell favorable positions for us, which is characteristic of other companies. We create an interior, carry out repairs, based on the wishes of the customer. In order for you to determine the closest style of the design of the premises, we provide 3D-models with priority options for you in form, color, functionality. Suitable positions are selected only after agreeing with you.

You start building a house (cottage) before the project approval.

When the construction of the cottage (at home) is required to start earlier (depending on the circumstances), we go to meet you. Even if some stages of work are not agreed, we issue you the necessary documentation. Work even after the project does not end. Even if you do not order the author's supervisory service, in the construction process, we help you with advice and recommendations.

The result of our work is guaranteed to please you. Step by step your project is consistent. This approach makes it possible to eliminate any misunderstanding between us. As a result, the design project you get in the form of a structured colorful album in our corporate package.

All work for you are performed just on time.

The existing employee control system allows you to follow the time limits. It consists of clearly established instructions and rules, which includes mandatory meetings about meetings with you. Our art director personally checks all the documents sent to you. Compliance with the timing of the work controls the head of your project. greitos paskolos internetu visiems - bedarbiams, automobiliui, su vekseliu iš privačių asmenų, paskolų refinansavimas be užstato, sms kreditas ir bankai