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The Exciting Functions Of GB Whatsapp

The popularized version of GB Whatsapp is no more just an application that allows you to send messages to other devices. It has now evolved into a complete communication tool that includes messenger and lives chat functions. However, the latest release of this messaging app doesn’t even require any downloading. Just install this application and let it perform all the functions of your existing cellphone messaging tool such as SMS and MMS message sending.

GB Whatsapp

The Exciting Functions Of GB Whatsapp

The most exciting function of GB Whatsapp is probably the video calling option. This amazing feature of this messaging app is sure to give you a free video call to your friends anywhere in the world. You will enjoy the amazing quality of videos being sent to you through this innovative function of GB Whatsapp. The video calling service works exactly like the normal cellphone messaging app except that you will be receiving videos instead of texts. It works the same way as your usual WhatsApp but due to the latest modifications, it’s not available on the google play store and has to download from the official website itself in the form of APK.

If you are someone who likes to have a lot of photo-sharing options, then you should consider using GB Whatsapp for Android. This amazing app has enabled it to hide all the spam and unnecessary information in the Android device so that users can focus on the important stuff such as videos, images, and small apps. To hide the unwanted content, you just need to tap on the” Hide apps” icon located at the bottom-right corner of your handset’s screen. You can use different types of settings to customize how much of the unwanted information is shown.

Why People Prefer GB Whatsapp

The main reason why most people prefer to use GB Whatsapp for the android app is that it offers superior security. Unlike other apps which allow random people to access your phone (with your permission), the GB Whatsapp app allows you to restrict who can use your mobile phone. You can set a limit on the number of calls made/received and you can even block certain numbers. Most people like to use this software because they feel it’s very convenient since you don’t have to touch your mobile phone for various reasons. You just need to activate the application, set the restrictions and then start interacting with your friends.

The advanced version of the GB Whatsapp comes with two additional features that are very helpful in managing multiple contacts, accessing the contact’s calendar, and recording voice messages. The video calling feature provided by the app is another great advantage of the software. You can now conveniently send video clips to your friends without having to leave your mobile phone. The voice mail functionality is also a great convenience, as it lets you respond to any missed calls with audio messages.¬†

The two additional features are very useful as they help you manage your contacts better.

  1. The apps allow you to manage multiple contacts, calendars, and events, view picture galleries, edit and manage emails and video calling, etc.
  2.  Several other features help you manage your contacts and perform different tasks within the app. 
  3. You can customize many aspects of the interface according to your taste and add your favorite GB Whatsapp widgets, which can be disabled when not in use.


The GB Whatsapp mod requires a valid Google account to register and you must read the Terms of Service before beginning use. This application is ad-supported and can be used on any Android device running on Jellybean (JellyGrowl) or Kit Kat (Lollipop). This is one of the most popular and useful mobile mods available today. You can make use of this amazing mod with great comfort and ease after downloading the APK and installing it on your phone. This mod also enables you to manage your contacts, messages, and videos in a better and efficient manner.


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