How to win roulette for beginners

How to play roulette online in India?

One of the most popular games of chance is roulette. It is the most popular in any casino game. The chances of winning are equal for everyone. There is no difference between an experienced player and a beginner.

The advent of network technology has only added to the popularity of roulette. It seems that this game had created just for playing on the Internet.

Rules of the Roulette Game

When you sit down at the roulette table in front of you, there is a field for betting. Live casinos have a croupier at the table, but online casinos don't. According to the rules of the game of live roulette, unwind the wheel and run the ball. This ball falls into a defined sector, and someone roulette in India

You have to connect that wheel with the field for the players to place their bets. All of the numbers on the wheel match the numbers on the betting field. You are betting exactly on the sectors on the wheel. You need to set the area of the wheel the ball will stop.

There are 37 numbers in total. All sectors are coloured red or black. Separately, green goes for zero. The colours coincide on the wheel and the roulette table. The correspondence of the colour and the number is universal. It does not happen that one is a red sector, and on another roulette table, it is black. You can bet on the "colour" then you will have an equal chance of winning.

How to bet on roulette?

Put your chips on the table in the appropriate sector or directly on or between the numbers. That way, it will be clear what kind of bet you are placing. You give yourself a certain amount of time to do this, after which the betting closes. You can make a lot of rats at once. There are no restrictions. The main thing is to have time to arrange the chips.

Depending on how low the probability of winning is, the payout is determined. For example, equal odds give the most modest payouts - 1 to 1. It means that on top of your bet will be paid 100%. For example, if you risked $10, you will get back $20, of which $10 is your money, and $10 is your winnings. Read more about the bets and payouts in roulette in a separate article.

Six numbers are 5 to 1, 4 numbers are 8 to 1, 3 ones are 11 to 1, 2 ones are 17 to 1, and 1 number usually gets 35 to 1. In the latter case, it turns out that with $10, you win $350.

Network roulette has many varieties, and live casinos are often just limited to the classic version. The game is much faster, and the player turns on the spin himself. The limited number of Roulette tables in live casinos is a thing of the past.