Advantages of frame house-building

Frames are built all year round and for very short time. In this case, the cost is minimal. These valuable factors made a skew house building most popular to date.

Many ask questions why the frame houses became favorites in construction? The main advantage was the construction time, which decreased to a minimum and the cost of the finished structure as well. It becomes clear from this that this technology has become available to all the layers of the population.

Modern frame house has a lot of advantages. First of all, attention is drawn to the absence of a shrinkage, which makes it possible to carry out the entire interior decoration immediately after the construction. It is important that at home built on this technology can be left without fear for winter without heating. The durability of the design is achieved at the expense of special processing of the frame, as well as its hidden accommodation. Important and low price. Of course, it will not compare with other houses that have similar heat engineering characteristics. This is caused by the best modern thermal insulation materials that frame construction today uses.

Any frame house may be similar to a brick or wooden. It all depends on the bearing elements and from the wishes of future owners. The foundation is made of tape-lightweight monolithic or column. This will be enough for a small weight.

Construction withstands all internal content. There may be a fireplace, and a furnace-built in the house. All inner walls are filled with insulation, and the outside is placed with brick, siding, facade plaster and tiled, imitating natural stone.

All interior partitions, floor, overlap are made from frame panels. The insulation is also used to limit the tenants from noise and drafts. Territorial finding of the house, its purpose, insulation system, as well as wall thickness will be calculated individually for each new structure.

Any carcass home building is equipped with different types of heating systems and chimneys. You can use fireplaces, furnaces - fireplaces, ceramic chimneys. The basis of the walls is a wooden frame that consists of edged boards and horizontal strapping.

The subsequent finish is performed by oriented chipboard - OSP, cement-chipboard - CSP, as well as laminated plywood, plywood FC, clapboard and plasterboard.

The roof is also performed from the most modern materials that have proven themselves in house-building as the best. The builders are performed soft and scope roofing, flat roof, tile is flexible, natural, galvanized sheets, metal tile and ondulin. Лучшие Онлайн курсы на выбирайте лучшие курсы 2022 года