Story "Alisha Vronska" # 20

Leaves. He leaves me here, but only for a moment. When he returns, they pushed me right into the darkness. I fall on my face. I start shouting.
- You chose a wrong person. I have already passed through it. I have no strength to continue to suffer. "Olivia leans forward, and a flashlight behind her illuminates nearby areas. It looks scary. - No one will hear you. They never hear.
It straightens. When I see how it stretches for a shovel, I fall into a huge panic. I rush like a fish, which was pulled out of the water. Please, I ask you pity, but she is so insensitive. The first soil shovel falls on my back. Bury me alive. I suffocate suffocate.
- You are distinguished from the previous one. They were very attracted. The first almost kidnapped me. If it were not for the fact that I could bite his finger, I would probably rot in some basement. The other was similar to you, but instead of tracking, he just came to me. I took a room in his house, so it was impossible to avoid it.
Subsequent layers of the earth deprive me of free breathing.
- He beat me when I said that I violate the lease agreement. And this damned police could not do anything, because for the purpose of self-defense, I grabbed the knife and discovered that I attacked. They gone, leaving me alone with this madness, understand? This is funny
I'm trying to squeeze my legs, but the weight that lies on my bottom of the body, does not even allow me to move.
- The third was probably the worst. He made me want to kill myself. He threatened me, he left dead birds under the door. He argued that only he could save me that I would forget with him. He was like a shadow. Wherever I went, he followed me. You can not imagine how terrible to know that someone tracks every breath.
The cold absorbs to the bones.
- I did not hurt you. You wanted to be with me - I cough.
"Isn't it strange that I didn't even ask your name?" Didn't you feel that I'm just cheating?
There is one answer. No, I did not feel it. I love her so much that I jump over her in the abyss. Meanwhile, she turned out to be my precipice.
- You can easily fool. It's good
I hear he sniffs. I'm six feet underground and can not breathe. I have dirt in my eyes, lumps in the throat. I want to raise my head to the surface, but the subsequent layers do not let the air.
- Typing. Feel what felt.
Before oxygen disconnect, I'm trying to make a voice to apologize. I did not know I did not know that she went through such a thing. I would like her forgive me. I would like to turn the time to reverse, unfortunately, too late. It is impossible to breathe, I swallow the earth slowly. It's stupid, but I wonder when they find me. My body will start to collapse already? Who will find me? New non-Gamstop Casinos , play in UK!