COMPANY OF HEROES 2 TIPS - Main tasks # 016

[H3] [/ H3]

Below is a list of useful hotkeys that will help you become more efficient in battle.

A - Attack of the selected goal
S - Stop
T - retreat
H - suspension of fire (useful, for example, when examining the country with snipers)
M - combining parts (thus you can fill the losses in some parts of conscripts)
X - explosive
E - Repair (for sappers)
F - signal rocket (allows you to examine the selected area of ​​the terrain, used, including snipers)
V - Molotov cocktail (some infantry parts)

Pop - population - shows the limit of the units that we can create. As soon as this number will be achieved, the production and type of technology will be impossible, unless those who are on the battlefield will not be destroyed or disabled.

The number of populations is predetermined. Keep in mind that the more powerful your squad, the more population points it is required.

6 - Panel of orders and buildings - after the choice of unit or units, all orders that you can give them will appear here. If we choose this detachment or group of the same troops, here we will also see their special features that they can use (for example, throw a grenade through infantry). Above the panel are small icons denoting combat buildings (if any). Entering the building, we will see all the units that you can create in it.

7 - troops - here with the help of icons displays all the detachments of our army. If we double-click on any of them, we will go to where it is. In addition, you can quickly choose several units at once - you just need to select the units you are interested in while holding the SHIFT key.


Winter weather plays an important role. Deep snow can slow down the movement of troops. On the other hand, traces left by the troops can lead to an enemy army, and by the type of traces they give an idea of ​​what type of troops left them.

Sometimes blizzards appear on winter maps. They significantly reduce the field of view of the soldiers and can freeze the infantry. If our soldiers feel a low temperature, the thermometer icon with a blue drop indicator appears next to them. In such cases, you need to quickly provide them with warmth in the form of a fire, penetration into a building or vehicle (for example, a conveyor). In these places, soldiers will be warm.

It is also worth remembering that there are ice rivers in the game for which the troops can move. However, if we firing the troops on it with a large-caliber gun, the likelihood is that we destroy it by sending the army to the bottom. Visit our website and get exclusive sign up free spins and no deposit real money bonuses