How To Start Using GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp is an application for the hugely popular messaging service called "WhatsApp". It was initially developed by Gas which is a senior XDA member. This app allows you to modify your WhatsApp settings in many different ways. You can change all the basic options like font size and color and even assign different user names and create different profiles.

GB Whatsapp

How To Start Using GB Whatsapp

Some of the most important things you will need to change while using GB Whatsapp are the font size, font color, background color, and style, etc. Other than those mentioned changes there are many more which can be made. You can use GB Whatsapp to manage your deleted and unknown sources. You will not delete any app without deleting it from your snap selections in GB Whatsapp. The feature of customizing your snap images has also been made available in this app.

Install GB Whatsapp

To install GB Whatsapp on your android device you need to use "adb" programs to install GB Whatsapp on your android device. AdBrite is the company that provides this service. After installation, you should configure your GB Whatsapp settings as per your requirement. Then you can enjoy using GB Whatsapp on your android device.

This mod will allow you to manage all your GB Whatsapp data like contacts, messages, and so on in a centralized location. With this mod, you will be able to find all the contacts of every person or any group of users in your android app. You can add as many profiles as you want in GB Whatsapp and you will have to provide them as a value in your mod.

Grouping Of Friends In GB Whatsapp

There are many features in GB Whatsapp but one of its biggest advantages is that it will help you in grouping your friends. This is very helpful especially if you are in a group where one member is busy and you need to contact him/her. You can also manage your settings in your GB Whatsapp like color theme, icon theme, wallpaper, and so on.

If you are using this wonderful conversational app you can even have several conversations with some of your friends and it will not show in your network. This is because this mod only allows a limited number of discussions and only when a user joins your conversation. It will show as "blue ticks" to all your 600 people who joined your chat and it will also appear as a notification in your taskbar when one of them becomes a guest.

Privacy Guarded With GB Whatsapp

Furthermore, it has a great feature where it will provide you with a notification if someone uses your phone's text language whenever you are not around your device. That way you don't have to open the app just to check what's happening on your phone. This way you never miss any calls even when you are not available. This GB Whatsapp modded and also integrates with Google Talk, to provide instant online status and call reminder. You will get an instant online status message and call reminders when you receive phone calls in a specific time range and you can change your settings according to your liking.

Manage Contacts On GB Whatsapp

This is another amazing GB Whatsapp that allows you to manage multiple contacts of different types and hide or reveal them according to your desire. You can import or save your contacts either manually or automatically. The list of your contacts consists of names, locations, emails, social networks, GPS location, email addresses, and names of all your kids. With GB Whatsapp, you can organize your contacts easily and you can search for the contact using keywords.

There are also privacy options provided in this wonderful GB Whatsapp. Privacy options are available to hide your name, contacts, and messages. You can customize some settings such as hide names, add friends, hide chats and send all chats to an anonymous person, or add as many contacts as you like but you need to remember that the number of friends can be limited only to a certain amount. There are other options like clearing all chats and adding new ones to the conversations but those are not necessary. If you want to hide any of them you can simply select anyone and it will automatically be removed from all conversations.


Last but not least, this application is so useful that it deserves some special mention especially for those who use this trick to get rid of someone else's texts. It uses three dots as an indication to show you that it is already in use, if you tap on any of the three dots it will enable DND mode. This is very much useful if you are trying to hide a specific message. By activating DND mode, you will be able to read deleted messages from your smartphone even though you are not connected to the internet.