Country Rwanda

Rwanda, called "Earth Thousand Hills" because of the unique natural landscape, is at the moment one of the most populous and economically developed African countries. This country, which is considered the real jewelery of the African continent, thanks to the wealth and beauty of natural gifts, passed a difficult historical path, resembling the steep differences of the mountain drawing. Leaving bloody crossbursions in the past, today Rwanda welcomes travelers who want to know the ancient secrets and the original beauty of African Savannan.

Where to find Rwanda on the map

Rwanda (Rwandan Republic) occupies a profitable position in the very center of Africa, in the western part of East African Plateau, and borders with such states as Burundi, Tanzania, Zaire and Uganda. In the capital of Rwanda Kigali local time differs from Moscow for two hours (-2). Rwanda's population is fluent in three languages ​​- English, French and Rwanda. You can pay in local shops and hotels with Rwanda francs.


The sublime position of the territory occupied country above sea level does Rwanda country of eternal spring. The average temperature in Rwanda all-round holds at 17 to 21 ° C, the dry season in duration does not exceed three months, from June to August, and the fallout of precipitation on the entire territory is 1000-1500 mm per year. All these conditions serve as an ideal bait for tourists who dream of a calm and measured rest in Africa.


Despite climatic dignity, Rwanda repeated tourists with "dark" pages in its history. In 1990, bloody clashes between African ethnic groups of Tutsi and Hutu began in Rwanda. In 1992, the conflict managed to repay, but in 1994 he broke out again. At the moment, the process of democratization is actively underway in Rwanda, the country receives significant support from international organizations and with a welcome receives guests.


On the territory of Rwanda there are three national parks, the meaning and importance of which for the whole world is very difficult to overestimate. It is especially worth noting the Volcano National Park (Parc National Des Volcans), located deep in the mountains, at a height of 1,700 to 4,600 m, where in natural conditions there are disappearing animal species. The most notable ones are mountain gorillas and bonobo chimpanzees. Also, any tourist will be interested to visit Lake Kivu - one of the most beautiful lakes of Africa. Thanks to the large accumulation of natural gases in its depths, Lake Kivu is completely free from crocodiles, parasites and various types of dangerous microorganisms. The lakeside was covered with a variety of sandy beaches and is distinguished by a surprisingly small African measurement with the number of mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Trade options with the best brokers