Why do women like to have anal sex?

There are several explanations for why women have anal sex, and they are different, like everyone else on earth. While some do it for pleasure, there are women who only do it to please their partner. In any case, lovers of anal sex do it because they like the sensations they experience when penetrating the anus. Some women, during anal sex, feel pressure on a completely different part of the vagina and external genitals, and for many, this is the only way to achieve this feeling.

Anal sex is not for everyone.

Many women are very fond of massaging the buttocks and perhaps even a finger in the anus (it is usually best to insert a finger into her anus just before entering, but of course, consult with her in advance), however, they do not have anal sex. But we must not forget about some of the moral women who wonder if they are doing anything forbidden. Well, anal sex is not uncommon, but also not something that everyone will do. Many agree to anal sex only because of their partner and do not admit to him that this type of penetration does not give them pleasure.

Anal sex and faith.

However, there is another original reason for anal sex - it is to protect against pregnancy. In some countries in South America, Catholics who oppose hormonal contraception take this matter so seriously that they prefer to have anal sex, from which it is impossible to conceive. But conception from the "soul", as they call pregnancy after anal sex, is surprisingly very common. Moreover, some women have anal sex because they are deeply religious and do not want to lose their virginity before marriage.

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