Worries of New Independent Casinos

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of online casino sites that offer their games via "private" links. Generally speaking, new independent casino sites launch their own first brand new independent casino platforms instead of using third-party platforms such as an eCommerce site or a web development company. Building your own website from the ground up with a new independent casino theme is uncommon but not unheard of. A new independent casino site without a web development company usually is the first major test of the online casino business dedication to building a sustainable online gambling presence.

Independent Casinos UK

One of the primary attractions of online gambling sites in recent years has been the introduction of fortune clocks. Fortune clocks give the illusion of real time casino action, with players placing their bets based on the outcome of these spins. The introduction of fortune clocks in many new independent casino gaming sites has been met with both praise and skepticism. Many players have asserted that, by changing the results of the spins, these independent gambling sites are cheating players of winning real money and cheating the gaming industry.

However, in recent days this claim has been proven to be entirely false. Over the past several months, several online casino operators have made it clear that they follow every legal requirement of having a licensed casino employee present when dealing with any visitor. This includes ensuring that all of the individuals who manage and operate the new casino sites are licensed by the relevant regulatory agency. And, in most cases, these new casino sites are operated and maintained by the same legal firms who handle the day to day operation of all of the independent sites.

Similarly, another area of concern for many independent casino sites is the software provider. Although software providers are not employed by the new independent online casino sites and therefore are not considered part of the gaming floor as such, many players worry about the possibility that if they lose the funds from their wagers, their software provider could go under and force players to either purchase new software or face the consequences. One way to ensure that your software provider is licensed is to check the paperwork that they provide you with upon receipt of your game winnings. This paperwork will typically require you to provide your name, address, and date of birth. If you have any previous complaints against your software provider, you should always try to contact the company and ask them to address those issues.

There are other areas in which online casinos need to be concerned about gaming providers as well. For example, many states in their requirements for playing at these online casinos that the players must use only their designated software. However, it has become increasingly difficult for new operators to make this stipulation an absolute requirement. New casino operators often have the option of allowing players to use third-party platforms such as Metacafe or Playdotcom. While these platforms do provide the same benefits of using the casinos' software, they are usually not held to the same standards and there is often a lot more risk involved. In addition, many players have expressed concerns over the use of adware, spyware, and malware that can infect and damage the operating system of the player's computer.

Despite the concerns that many punters have over the performance of the new independent casinos, there is still much to like about these gambling facilities. These casinos are often less expensive than their competition, and there are many different slots, games, and gaming options to keep punters entertained for hours on end. The security and safety record of the sites is also above average. All of these things combine to make these gambling venues a favorite for many people.